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In the early 1980s everyone was excited that the personal computer was going to take us paperless. Over 20 years later we are using more paper than ever and tremendous knowledge is locked in this paper.

Electronic Workflow and Knowledge Management Network is a team of innovative professionals who help our clients minimize the use of paper by migrating to an electronic workflow and manage the knowledge contained in historic and current documents.

The open source PDF format is a major key in this activity.  The output from essentially every program can be converted to PDF. With the Optical Character Recognition ability in Adobe Acrobat Professional the locked knowledge in the printed page can join the knowledge in the electronic document. This allows total word searches of hundreds of thousands of documents, even slightly fuzzy searches in seconds.

The professionals at EWKM.Net will assess your needs, help implement cost effective solutions, train your staff, and be available for problem solving.

We have helped government, industry, architecture, engineering, construction, and education implement our solutions. Clients of our staff include all branches of the Department of Defense, NASA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, numerous local governments, industries and schools.




PDF is here to stay!
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is developing standards around the PDF format. PDF has been an ISO standard for the commercial printing industry for several years with the PDF– X series. PDF-A (Archival) was promulgated in 2005. ISO believes that documents complying with the PDF-A standard will be usable 50 years from now. PDF-E (Engineering) was promulgated in 2007.

Check out our Demonstrations area for examples of how PDF can improve your work flow.